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Newborn & Baby Photographer Partner Program

Hello Photographer Friends!

We've worked with many photographers since we started in 2016 and the general consensus is that Basal Baby and baby photography pair very nicely.

Our basics are designed to be timeless and fresh, allowing a baby's true beauty to shine through. These are all season basics that can also play up seasonal shoots as well. Because of the success we've found in working with photographers, we've decided to create a partner program especially for you. 


30% discount off photo shoot garments

This is a special wholesale rate on all our clothes for you to use with your clients. We suggest wrapping the cost of the onesie or outfit into the photoshoot cost and then your client keeps the garment after the shoot. Our clothes are really well suited for the client who wants a fresh/minimalist/classic feel to their shoot.

15% affiliate fee for sales generated by clients post shoot

After signing up you will receive a code to pass on to your customers for 10% off a bundle forever. Each time your customers buys from us, we track the sale via the code and will send you a 15% affiliate fee for each sale made. Payments are sent via venmo or paypal monthly.

To join, please fill out the form linked to HERE.

Below are mini galleries from some of our favorite collaborations over the years.

Emma Parkinson Photography

Kacey Gilpin Photography

Ryan Mangani

To join, please fill out the form linked to HERE.

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