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Wardrobe Planner for Baby's First Year

Basal Baby Wardrobe Planner

Not so long ago my son was brand new. An 8lb 5oz little hunk-a-baby. Fast forward 24 months and that little baby is now 30+ lbs. of boundless toddler energy. They grow like weeds. It’s a cliché because it’s true. In just the first 12 months you can expect your baby to triple their birth weight and grow through four sizes. It is easy to get lost in the size transitions and buy on the fly because that first year, magic as it is, is also a survive vs. thrive sort of season.

Half way through my son’s first year I started experimenting with capsule wardrobes and it made my life so much easier and my checkbook so much happier. I have now taken this ritual with me into my son’s toddler years and look forward to these planning sessions every season. I hope with the help of this planner you will too!


What’s a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a curated selection of timeless and essential items that are easily paired or matched with seasonal or trendy accessories. A well-planned capsule takes into consideration the season, local geography, personal + family lifestyle, special occasions and vacations to ensure that as the season starts, you have all the critical wardrobe items you need. The goal is to avoid making a harried last minute run to the store to get A, B, or C and inevitably also leave with D, E, F, & G.

Is it worth my time?

YES! A little work now will save you lots of frustration, emergency big box runs, and money over the course of the year. The first year is a time of remarkable growth for baby (and parents). It moves fast and things are constantly changing. No one needs the added irritation of finding a closet full of pieces that don’t mix and match or worse, clothes that don’t suit your baby’s daily or seasonal needs. This planner will help you plan out your baby’s core wardrobe needs for every season throughout the first year, meaning you will have everything you NEED when you need it, and can confidently add things you fall in love with over the season just because they add something special to the mix.

Preview of Planning Pages

So….where do I start?

First, find a little time (30 mins – 1 hour) and create a cozy thinking space. Capsule planning is a great excuse for a “productive” hour of “me” time. Settle in with your favorite beverage, a pen, and your planning sheet and let’s get started!


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