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The Brave New World of Baby Registries

Registering for your new baby, this should be FUN right!? In theory yes, but the reality is, for most moms, it's an incredibly overwhelming task. Even if you are lucky enough to know what kind of stuff you need, there is the overwhelming barrage of choices, brands, materials, safety considerations, special features, etc...

The good news is we aren't alone anymore. At least since my first pregnancy in 2013, several new options for registry have launched who have done amazing jobs of curating products and offering services to streamline the registry process for new mamas. Several even allow you to add any product. Yup, you can add any item from any web shop to your registry, meaning you only need to use one (BLESS!), whereas in the past to get all the mainstream and speciality items you wanted meant registering at a handful of online and offline shops (TOO MUCH WORK). 

Some of our favorite new registry services include:

Why We Love Babylist:
  • Allows you to add items from anywhere on the web (including us! Hooray!)
  • Supports and encourages shopping small 
  • Live chat feature for questions 
  • Tons of great sample registries and guides
Why We Love Gugu Guru:
  • Allows your to add items from anywhere on the web (including us! Hooray!)
  • Quiz about your lifestyle and product preferences to help the site recommend products you would like
  • Organize your list by must haves and nice to haves
  • Concierge Package = personal shopper + nursery consult 
Why We Love The Tot:
  • Completely personalized experience with free concierge service
  • Products highly curated and specially tested by Tot experts for health, safety, innovation & style
  • Committed to products that are free from pesticides, toxic chemicals, dyes, or anything that may be harmful to you or your baby
  • Great content and information. Our personal favorite is the Being Mama series. 
Of course, there are always the big box retailers like Amazon, Target, Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby, each of which have there own registry guides. The downside to these registries is that you lose out on registering for some really great small shop and artisan products. Also, the level of care in curation and information just isn't the same (in our humble opinion). Our recommendation, if you go this route, is to pair a big box with one of the registry services listed above and/or your favorite local offline baby shop*.  

* Adding a local brick and mortar baby shop to your registries is always a good idea. For one, there is just something special about touching and feeling all the products. It creates an excitement and anticipation that can't be replicated shopping online. Secondly, there will be people invited to your shower who may be older or just more traditional and want the option to go into a store and buy a gift for you in person. 

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