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Hi There.

I want to take a minute to say hello and happy new year. It may only be a few weeks into 2017, but what a year it's been already. Things may seem quieter than usual around Basal, but like a duck treading water, our wheels are always turning. A part of this "pause" has been reseting and refocusing for the year ahead, but another is that I've been processing. Things are running hot out there in the world of content and media, and to be honest, it's overwhelming. I've needed time to listen, to absorb, and to think. 

The world is changing. A veil has lifted and many are seeing (for the first time) that our country and culture isn't working quite like we thought it was. Can you feel it? hear it? sense it? The mass awakening of millions of spirits and voices. Advocacy is on the rise and we are again paying attention. 

Change isn't easy and many of us are left thinking, "what can one person really do?" The thing is,there is a lot we can do, especially as parents. I came across a quote recently that put so much in perspective, both for Basal Baby and myself personally.

This quote is the foundation and rallying cry behind our Clean Start Campaign. Teaching a new generation how to be better prepared for living great and good lives.While there are many big picture values attached to this mission, such as tolerance, empathy, respect, diligence, and resourcefulness, we are focusing on some of the practical and seemingly small changes we can make to create healthy habits around consumption, that will in turn, teach and show the values listed above in action.

We believe that if the next generation understands the relationship between consumption and wellness on the individual, environmental, humanitarian scale, that they will understand our individual interconnectedness with the planet and the global community and in turn, change the course of the world for the better. 

So, yes, our company is still and always bringing you the best in everyday wear for your babies, but we will also be exploring how in real and tangible ways we can lift the next generation above a culture of excess and ignorance and into a culture of conscious and sustainable consumption. 

Excited for the year to come and to Growing Together! 

XO - Michelle Briggs

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