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Capsule Capture: Elizabeth Santelmann


Capsule Capture is a series created and inspired by mamas we've connected with along our own business journey. Women who are living life on their own terms, seeking and working for simplicity and joy in the messy season of early motherhood. Women who inspire us to keep doing what we are doing. Today we are talking with Elizabeth Santelmann, creator of Sunshine in my Nest. 
Elizabeth, Tell us a little about yourself:

I am a boy mom living in Oklahoma City. I adore all things out of doors, you can often find me planting flowers and organic vegetables, reading with a cup of tea, or doing yoga on the lawn.  

How would you describe your motherhood style in 2 sentences or less?

I'm a really hands off mom. I love letting the kids go out and explore nature.

What is something that completely fascinates you?

I adore photography and story telling. The ability to twist words into a compelling narrative leaves me spell bound. 

How do you find calm in your day or week?

Haha is that allowed as a mom. My husband keeps me stocked up on bath bombs, and I have started doing yoga again more than a year after the birth of our baby. That first year is so hard to find time for any self care, but I'm learning to let go and remember that's not the way my forever will look. 

What is your motherhood mantra

Look for the Sunshine. I think that's what I love about photography. It slows me down to intentionally look for my beautiful moments. 

"That first year is so hard to find time for any self care, but I'm learning to let go and remember that's not the way my forever will look." 

What 3 things in your home bring you the most joy?
  1. My husband and children (that's so cliche I'll only use it as one, but that's really what makes a home) 
  2. Our two HUGE oak trees... technically they are outside, but they are my favorite. 
  3. The chandelier that I found on the side of the road for big trash day.
Best tip(s)/trick(s) for simplifying life with small children?

I just learned this one. Alternate doing one thing for yourself and one thing for them all day. Also don't have too much stuff. If you don't have much, not much can get messed up. 

How do you approach building seasonal wardrobes for your kids?

I usually do one huge shopping day and pick up 7 basic tops and 5 basic bottoms. 2 dress up tops and 1 dress up bottom. This keeps laundry and dressing them simple. Usually only do two per year rather than four, cause boy children don't care. 

How do you fight back against the "more is more" culture?

By choosing to speak the things I love about my children, rather than the things that annoy me about them. They are little sponges. I want them to say the things they love about me as we grow together, so I try to practice saying only what I love about them, especially to others. 

What does simplicity mean to you in this season of life as a mother?

Learning to say no to things that are good, only saying yes to things that are excellent! 

What is your favorite "everyday" thing to do with your family?

My husband and I are attempting to implement a daily evening walk. This is really helping us to have time to talk, and the kids love the additional fresh air time. 

How has your thinking or mindset most profoundly changed since becoming a mother?

It has helped me to understand and increased my gratefulness toward my own mother better. 

You can find more beautiful words and images from Elizabeth at her blog Sunshine in My Nest and on Instagram.  We'd like to extend a special Thank You to Elizabeth for capturing life with her second precious son in Basal Baby so genuinely and beautifully. 

Until next time,

XO - M

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