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Basal Artist-in-Residence: Chris Castro

The Basal Baby Artist-in-Residence series celebrates creatives in their season of parenthood by creating conversations and limited edition wearable art with artist-parents.

About Chris:

Chris is a true artist at heart in every sense. He is a graphic designer, illustrator, and chef living in Oklahoma City with his beautiful wife, Tricia and three kids Benny, Marigold, and Francisco. We're not sure he sleeps, but we are endlessly grateful for Chris' friendship and collaboration!


Tell us about your family and kids: 

My wife Tricia and I met in art school and are coming on 14 years of marriage. She is my person in every way and source of constant inspiration for me.

  • Our oldest son Benicio is 10 years old he is charming and empathetic
  • Our middle daughter Marigold is 3 years old and she is darling and fiery
  • Our baby boy (4months old) Francisco is happy and carefree

What did you want to be as a child?

I always wanted to be an artist, with a small stint where I wanted to be a zoo keeper (I loved animals as a kid).

Tell us about your journey with art? Have you always been an artist/found time to create?

I have always loved to create and been pretty good at making space to at least draw, until adulthood. Its been a lot harder recently, bit also more important.

Its been a lot harder recently, but also more important.

Parenting mantra or philosophy?

For us it comes down to raising the kindest, strong little adults to go out it into the world.

How has art intersected within your family life? Or how does art impact parenthood and vise versa.

Art hasn’t intersected in our lives as much as we’d like but we are trying to make more time for it. Tricia has been painting more and Marigold is really into art.

What was the inspiration for your print design?

I love drawing animals and tried to make something that could be a pattern and was kid friendly.

Best parenthood advice?

Rely on the wisdom of your partner and not just your own.

Three albums you are most excited to share with your kids?

  • Barchords by Bahamas
  • Solid Gold Hits by the Beastie Boys
  • Modern Vampires of the City by Vampire Weekend

Favorite family pass time or activity?

Eating dinner outside or going to Taos

What most inspires you?

My wife

How do you find time for creativity in this busy season as a parent?

I have to be intentional about making it. Cooking is a great way to do it.

Favorite/most inspiring artist or piece?

I really love Matisse, it feels like the most impossible artwork to make and it says so much.


Thank you, Chris for sharing yourself and your talents.

Snag your very own Basal x Castro while they last.

Each collaboration is a limited edition small batch run. Once they are gone, they are gone.

Just as our basics are a blank slate to express your baby's personal style, we have offered our onesies as a canvas to some of our favorite artists, who also happen to be parents, to create a unique expression of their personal intersection of art and parenthood.

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